Trump is No Friend to Christians!

To my friends on the right who claim Christianity and yet support what I feel to be a loathsome POTUS because “he’s Christian” let me say a few things. This will be long. But I hope it’s worth it.

If Christ were physically embodied and sitting next to you, having coffee, reading Trump tweets, watching him essentially “wink” at neo-nazis, hearing him defend a man who sexually abuses children, breaks laws by interfering with private business, lied about a “minor tax audit”, is a narcissist, divides you from your neighbor and doesn’t apologize for his excessive womanizing. What would Christ say about you following this man?

Think about it. Many of you are very quick to disassociate yourself with guys like Joel Osteen as a fraud, but forget Trump associates with a lot of “Prosperity gospel” advocates, even appointing one in Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education, and for some reason Trump supporters love her and say he made this great pick of Christian woman. Moving on.

Now I’m not going to condemn him for what he says is locker room talk 20 years ago. People CAN change. But let’s not forget that you wanted to impeach Clinton for less. That Dan Quayle, who only had a consensual affair and was remorseful about it was still pushed out of running – minor compared to Trump. Let’s be honest, the only reason Trump’s PROBABLY not doing it now is because he has a beautiful wife 30 years younger than him. Why did your view on this change?

Obama was weak in a lot of areas, strong in many others. Like most of us, but this idea that he was this terrible god-awful president is pretty much absurd. So ask yourself, why do you keep mentioning his flaws?

Let me also be clear here, I am very aware that the idea of Hillary as president was a damn scary one. I can’t say that I blame you for not wanting her in office. I sure didn’t. But I think that most Republicans, especially those who identify as evangelicals, should probably be nearing the point where one should be regretting putting this man in office. Let’s continue.

Let’s look at why you may support him still. You are more concerned about the possible benefits to the economy, his push to keep jobs here, his support of the military and police, his distaste for immigration, his hard line approach to Islamic terror and for the the completely corrupted welfare system. Maybe you’re white and keep hearing about how you enjoy white privilege even though you struggle to pay your bills and student loans. I feel you. I do. Some of those things are real issues.But let’s look at this situation with an analogy.

If you’re daughter is married to a man who has a good job, goes to church, takes care of the yard, buys her a safe car, plays with the kids and provides a nice home you’re glad. What would you do if you found out that he also sleeps with other women, that he won’t allow your grandkids to play with kids of all the races or backgrounds. That he steals money from work, or worse, that he abuses your daughter. Would you still want her to be married to him? That’s where we are.

Now let’s look at some of the other things that Trump does not like, that maybe you feel are OK. Let’s look at immigration for one. True, Democrats have shown there incapability to call Islamic terror what it is. I’ll give you that. But it seems that Trump takes such a hard line approach to this not because of just terror, but he uses it as a device to push anyone different from you away. I’m no defender of Islam, to quote Sam Harris, Sharia law and Islamists follow what is essentially “the mother load of bad ideas.” But think about what you were taught as Christians. Hate the sinner not the sin, right?

If I were to tell you that an family was moving into the house next-door to you, that they had a little kid the same age as yours, that they owned a dog and were planning to open a restaurant within walking distance from your home, I would think that you would be thrilled. When you find out this is a migrant Arab family, why would this change? Mostly, because our president and certain news outlets have created a stigma of fear that they just might possibly be radicalized and running a terrorist cell from your backyard. So enter the ban.

To be fair, the left should realize what the word “Ban” means. The so-called Muslim ban was indeed not a Muslim ban at all. Last I checked there were 40 something Muslim majority countries, and only six or seven of them were on that list. Now, I do have issue with how it was implemented but I at least understand some of the motivation. Terrorists may indeed try to sneak in with the people who are actively fleeing genocide. But this is a small minority. If you’re opinion is that small is too much, I get it. But a small minority of all groups commit these atrocities. There’s a lot of terrorism in this country, much of it domestic, as we have seen in Las Vegas and Charlotte recently. Small minority of a different, more familiar group. But I admit this does not eliminate the doctrine of Wahhibists.

Again, it was the heartlessness Trump showed at that time of the “ban” that spoke volumes. How you could be proud of that? I struggle with it. The idea that children who are escaping a dangerous situation and excited to come to a new place, the land of hope but had to take a different flight from one or both parents due to the price of the tickets being detained another country? That’s just awful.

Islamic terror is real. But equally real is the certainty that someone who wants to come to this country to commit an act of terror, is extremely unlikely to do so by the conventional means. That potential terrorist is almost certainly on a watchlist, We know exactly what countries these folks have been to and if there is a risk. It is far more likely that they would come here illegally or smuggle themselves in or more likely try to radicalize someone already here than they would be to come into your neighborhood through traditional means. You can be critical of Islam, as I am, without being bigoted, whether implicitly or not, of a given Muslim.

Mr Trump clearly does not feed this line of thought. But what would Christ say? Well, I’ll tell you what he did not do was follow Jewish prejudicial norms of condemning and avoiding or alienating. He didn’t warn of hell, or ask people to change anything.

Think about that for a moment. To borrow a quote from Jim Baton, “Jesus didn’t try to convince people to change any behavior, or join his group. He simply loved them, and praised the good in them.”

Does Trump act even a tiny bit in this way? As a so-called follower of Christ, shouldn’t he? How would your pastor compose himself?

What about the NFL players kneeling or BLM. Certainly these people are un-American and deserve Trumps fire. Let’s explore this also.

BLM to me is a bad idea, but not because of why you may think. In my opinion ANY sort of identity politics is a bad idea, because identity politics only breed more identity politics to combat them. Here’s what I mean by that, if someone calls your child a racial slur, I would be surprised if you are teaching them to respond to that by calling them a racial slur in return. That’s the type of culture that results from identity politics.

With that being said, however, saying Black lives matter does not necessarily mean that any other color does not matter. Now it is true that some people use the BLM name for the wrong reasons, usually people who are not particularly associated with the official movement, but nonetheless the fact remains the fact. And the fact is that scientific neurological studies have proven, not implied, mind you, but proven that people in test environments shoot black men with less hesitation than any other group.

Occupy Democrats (admittedly a biased organization, but still real data) held a live, dangerous social experiment and Josh Correll of UC Boulder has proven in simulated tests that there is a significant difference in reaction time to when when a trigger is pulled and the race of the suspect. It’s also true, notably, that how that person is dressed plays into this implicit decision as well.

So back to BLM. When Amadou Diallo is shot by police while reaching for his wallet, it’s terrible. Maybe you can say well it’s just a mistake. But he was shot 41 times. 41 times. Philando Castille Was also shot reaching for his wallet, and his car, after being instructed to do so. He made the “mistake” of telling the officer, while reaching for his wallet, that he was a registered gun owner and had a gun in the vehicle. He’s dead now. NRA member.

Charles Kinsey was shot while lying on his back with hands up. He was trying to help an autistic boy playing in the street. He lived, thankfully. But here’s what you need to think about. If you’re trying to help someone pull an autistic boy out of traffic, do you really think that is a situation where you’ll be looked at as a threat? This is the problem. We all have prejudice, we all have bias, we are all subject to implicit in-group out-group biases.

Is BLM wrong for this? Are they wrong for saying that they don’t want to be shot? I understand, believe me, that police have a difficult job. Specially please work in urban areas and high crime areas. The rest their lives every day, I get it. But that doesn’t excuse most of these examples.

Some cases, Travon Martin for example are foggy. But here is the point, even though Martin may have attacked Zimmerman for following him, why did he follow him? Would he have followed you?

So what is the REAL message that BLM should be conveying? The point Mr. Trump ignores? It is the reality of our stereotype driven reaction when a POC is shot by police that many think to themselves “Well, he MUST have been doing SOMETHING.” Well, I don’t agree. Not after 41 bullets. And I don’t think you really do either. So why does Trump? Was he not American? Or maybe just the wrong class of American.

And to the media, you’re no help. When someone is killed by the police I should not turn on FOXNews and see your mug shot of this person when they were arrested for smoking a joint in college and then turn on CNN and see a picture of them smiling with their children. This sort of sensationalism to cater to political bias is wrong.

Anyway, Colin Kaepernick, after originally sitting for the anthem to protest this, was convinced by a veteran to kneel. Why?

Because when a soldier is killed one of his brothers in arms kneels while presenting folded flag to the mourners, as a symbol of respect to their pain in their loss. This is symbolized in those that kneel. I should note this does not include LeSean McCoy or Marshawn Lynch.

So what does your president say about all this? Does he ever mention the fact that they kneel in protest of peoples lives being taken? No. Because that’s not what his base wants to hear. They want to hear that a criminal was killed and hallelujah! These guys are un-American divas who don’t care about this country and disrespect those in our military, despite the fact that it has been said multiple times “Please do not mistake this protest as symbolizing any sort of disrespect towards those serving our country. Please view this protest as creating awareness for the systematic bias that is rearing its ugly head in our country every day and we want to drive change!”

Does Trump talk about this? Does he offer an olive branch? No. Because he’s not out to unite us. He only wants to divide. What would Christ say about that point of view?

Last, let’s explore welfare and healthcare. First, we NEED welfare reform. We need to stop enabling welfare fraud, most of which is the fault of municipal level Democrats who have had control of low income areas for decades and I’ve done nothing except for professed to be a champion of the disenfranchise well covertly keeping them down to stay in power. But if someone truly NEEDS welfare, why deny it? Even if it cost you a 50 extra dollars per year in taxes.

While universal healthcare is probably ideal- ask most Canadians- it’s also probably unlikely in this country. But why do we have this mindset on the right that “I don’t want to give my hard earned dollar to some deadbeat for his healthcare.” I feel you. But here’s some interesting news for you. if you already have any health care plan and you’re not independently wealthy like Trump or Puff Daddy or Tom Cruise, you’re already an essential micro-example of universal healthcare. All insurance providers are essentially small countries with universal healthcare.

Why do I say this? Why would a universal healthcare be better? Because insurance companies make a crap load of money. So if everyone were on one plan then all of the profit that currently ends up in the pockets of the insurance companies would go (ideally) back into the healthcare system itself and drive research and development to provide better healthcare and improved facilities and decreased wait times.

Obamacare has issues. The most glaring of which is that if someone who is young decided they would rather pay the penalty because it’s cheaper than signing up for coverage, then they screw up the system. So, call me crazy but that seems pretty easy to fix. Increase the freaking penalty. Now personally I believe that healthcare should be free, in particular children and those who are over 70 and have left the workforce. I also believe that if you’re out of school and under 70 it should be pay to play.

Yes, I know people say they’ve heard this from liberals before, and I think you see by reading this that I am not a liberal, but in this case they’ve got it right. I would happily pay a few extra dollars if it means that no child has to die because they did not have access to the healthcare that could save their life. I’m with Human rights, not politics here.

Let’s ask Christ what he thinks about this.

Then shall he say also unto them, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:

For I was hungry, and ye gave me no meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drink:

I was a stranger, and ye took me not in: naked, and ye clothed me not: sick, and in prison, and ye visited me not.

Then shall they also answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee hungry, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto thee?

Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me.

And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.

Ok, Christian friend, let’s talk for a second about Trumps arrogance. We all struggle with this sometimes. But he’s colossal. We know he LOVES to complement himself, about 8-9 times a day on Twitter. It’s OK to talk about things you’re doing, but I detest the way that this man does it. Walter Payton one said that when you’re good at something you will tell people about it, but when your great they will tell you. But since Walter is not here, and in this example Christ is, what does he say?

In practically every occurrence, arrogance is a behavior or attitude detested by God. The Bible tells us “those who are arrogant and have a haughty heart are an abomination to Him,” and later says “Everyone who is arrogant in heart is an abomination to the Lord; be assured, he will not go unpunished”

So please ask yourself, does Trump display this behavior? Is this someone you truly want to follow proudly?

Let me close with this.

Those of you who truly hate Islam and Muslims, the reason why you hate them is because you say well, they want to live under sharia law and that law is anti-feminist and supports the killing of apostates, etc. You’re not wrong. It’s a desire to live under a far right wing fundamentalist theocracy. So take a minute and think about what direction Trump is pushing you in. Far right.

And why do you want to move further towards the right, and further towards the right, and back into a theocracy? So we can end up back in the 1930’s style America where women stay home and gays had no rights and abortion was illegal? That may sound good to you but let’s be very honest with ourselves, if someone wants to be gay they’re going to be gay whether you make it legal or not. So what difference does it make to your life whether or not it’s legal. You can disagree with the behavior and still let that person live their life and make their own decision.

Moving us further to the right and back towards the accuracy is a bad idea. I would fear that we may become a monster ourselves. And with this man as our leader, I am truly concerned about the future of society and the just cause of human rights.

I believe that the Christ I grew up as little boy being taught about would have shared that sentiment. Our POTUS sadly does not. This is why I loathe him. This is why I have trouble understanding why Christian support for this man who I believe is leading you on and shares none of your morals or values in reality.

But hey the economy is pretty good!!

Oh and one last thing- Really getting tired of people saying “He’s your president, deal with it, give him a chance and work with him.” Well that sounds good, but if you’re going to say that, please send me a screenshot of a FB post or tweet where you supported Obama and advocated working with Obama. Then I’ll listen to you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.